Drama Classes for Secondary Students

Drama Curriculum Intervention

We provide Drama teachers to work with GCSE & A Level Drama Students to raise their achievement in their performance examinations.
ACTiv-8 responds to your specific needs and the personalised learning requirements of your students.  Schools have found it effective to have a specialist drama teacher attending weekly timetabled Drama Lessons assigned to work with targeted groups.  Supporting C/D borderline students, SEN or Statemented students or G&T students in this way is a proven method of raising attainment in our partner schools.

Mock Performance Examination with marking and feedback

The Mock Examination can be delivered as part of timetabled lessons, afterschool intervention or on a whole day workshop.  Contact 07896 958665 for more details.

ACTiv-8 provides a Consultancy service for Heads of Drama who would like to develop their skills further.  The sessions are led by an Ofsted Outstanding Head of Drama with Senior Leadership Experience whose students regularly achieve 100% A*-C passes in challenging inner city schools.  Contact ACTiv-8 on 07896 958665 for more information or email us on admin@activ-8.net

Outstanding practice in…drama…leads to high attainment’ (Ofsted 2009)

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