ACTiv-8 Consultancy

Introduction to teaching for workshop leaders

ACTiv-8 provides training for actors who wish to use their communication skills and share their love of drama with young people.
Going into a school and facing a class of teenagers for the first time can be daunting which is why professional teachers undergo demanding preparation and receive ongoing training once in post.
We believe that Actors make excellent workshop leaders and want to ensure that the experience is a positive and fulfilling one for all concerned.
The course consists of the following key elements:

  1. Teaching and Learning: how to plan workshops and sequences of workshops
  2. Behaviour Management: strategies to create a positive learning environment
  3. Assessment: how to ensure students progress each session and how to measure that progress
  4. Pastoral essential knowledge: safeguarding the students you teach and an introduction to child protection

We run specialist workshops in a range of drama skills such as:

  1. Improvisation and drama games
  2. Shakespeare for schools
  3. Directing the school play

Call us to discuss our highly competitive prices, centrally run workshops and to find out how we can run workshops at your drama school or college.

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